Continental TSIO-520-P 231kW

S/N 278892 R

OH 2001

lifetime extension // inspection program  

TT 1.295h, TBO 1.600h

4 new cylinders in 2015 


turbocharger Garrett C2905001-2020

ARC valid March 2019

4-blade Propeller

MT-Propeller MTV-14-D/195-30A

S/N 03287

OH 2012

lifetime extension // inspection program  

TT 235h, TBO 1800h



Round-the-world trip in 2010

Fuel Capacity 560L/148gal

Range 1.500NM

2 extra tip tanks (60L each)

1 baggage component tank (110L)

prepared for turtlepac

Full IFR

Weather Radar Bendix RDR-160

De-Ice Boots on wings, elevator, fin

Hot Prop

Hot Shield

dual alternators

pressurized cabin up to FL 230


COM/NAV/GPS Garmin GNS-530 

Audio/Marker Garmin GMA-340  

Transponder Garmin GTX-330 

DME King KN-62A

Weather Radar Bendix RDR-160

Autopilot / FD King KFC-200 

ELT Kannad 406 AF  

Graphic Engine Monitor

Shadin Fuel Flow Indicator


SID done 

SID operations 1-34 initially done in 2017

repeated work done 

Cessna D2058-2-13

Robertson STOL kit

for short take-offs + landings

Final Approach Speed 57 KIAS

Take-Off Speed 51 KIAS

Cruise Speed 193 KTAS


New Leather (bicolour) in 2015

6 seats


Beige with blue stripes in good condition

always hangared